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Search Engine Optimization

To be in the top list in the search engine is the dream of every businessman. We help you to achieve your dream by prefect online marketing strategies. Top ranking in the search engine will not be a dream anymore for you. We ensure high rankings with perfect SEO coding and other advanced techniques.

Search Engine Optimization is essential for depicting the vision, goals and products and services. In fact SEO is an art to spotlight your business among other competitors. As a professional SEO company, Web Care.

SEO, PPC, SMO, SEO copywriting, internet marketing consultancy, or comprehensive SEM – the Services offered by us are customized, result oriented and managed by experts in their respective field of activities. Our main advantage is geographic location (as being positioned in India) along with a pool of experienced search engine optimization experts makes it possible for us to present ourselves as a reliable, efficient and cost-effective source of SEO services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services are a set of process that your website is subjected to by our SEO Experts which ultimately results in:

  • Top rankings on search engines.
  • Greater visibility and popularity.
  • Targeted traffic to your website.
  • Enhanced online sales.
  • Growth in business.
  • Overide the competition. 

Here is an Overview of our SEO Process

1. Review and Analysis of Search Engines
Initially we will make your website Indexed by the search engine. The search engine will have the spiders that will scan the internet to index the websites. There are many criteria the spider will look before indexing the webpage. We focus on the area where the spiders concentrate to index your website and work accordingly. We will recommend the modifications in your website to make it indexed by the search engine.

2. Definite Strategy planning by analyzing goals
By giving prior importance to the requirements of the client we will plan a perfect strategy to increase the number of visitors to your website. There are definite steps to be taken for increasing the traffic and also to increase the product sale. The customers are free to give suggestions and we welcome your ideas also to improve the website.

3. Analyzing Competitors positions
The most challenging part is the competitive stage in the Ad Cycle. It is advisable to monitor the works of the competitor and their product promotion. This will give a healthy competition to beat their position in the search engine. Knowledge about their keywords will help more insight about the keyword strategies. Then we will try to improve the clients’ website by definite SEO optimization techniques and make them placed in the top positions of the search engine results.

4. Keyword Identification
Choosing the keyword is very crucial as far as online marketing is concerned. The appropriate keyword can provide you astonishing results. Much number of opportunities gets unnoticed because of inappropriate keywords. The keywords they choose will not be the one the client is looking for. For instant recognition in the internet market we will provide the relevant keyword for you.

5. Webpage Optimization
The links present in your webpage plays an important role in indexing by the search engine. Here we will analyze your webpage and rebuild the tags and links. The design and the images should also be carefully checked.

6. Diary of Incoming Links
We perform a Link Popularity Campaign by which the incoming links are carefully managed. We manually keep the record of the one way links and reciprocal links from other sources which will increase the popularity of your site. The links should be thoroughly checked for its relevance before accepting to your site.

7. Search Engine Submissions
To the search engine and the directories we submit the data. To the top search engine we will manually submit your website. With perfect optimization your site will be indexed by the spiders or crawlers or bots of the search engine.

8. Analysis and Tweaking
By regular tuning of your webpage you can sustain your position in the search engine and also try to upgrade your position in the search result. We will analyze your entire webpage and suggest regular updating of the contents in which we will also contribute. 


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